Mekapati Opens Mouth, Fumes On Sajjala

YSRCP MLA Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy, who is alleged to have done cross-voting in MLA quota MLC polls and was axed by the ruling party, has broken his silence.

After getting suspended, Chandrasekhar Reddy has spoken to the media in which he said he had voted for YSRCP MLC only. He made it clear that YCP MLC won on his vote. He said he is ready to prove that he voted for YSRCP in the MLA quota MLC polls.

Chandrasekhar Reddy cautioned Sajjala that the party would be polluted and would bring a foul smell if it isn’t corrected. He said Sajjala’s high-handedness in the party is the reason for the party going the wrong way.

Responding to the suspension he said he is quite happy with the party’s decision as he feels relieved. He admitted that he could not keep the promises made to the people. He said all the letters and appeals had fallen on deaf ears and turned out to be waste.

Mekapati said he failed as MLA as he couldn’t deliver and serve the people in this government. He said he is feeling relieved with the suspension. He said there are several thoughts to share and he said would open up his voice at the appropriate time.