AP Is In Darkness: KCR

Nearly a month or so back, Telangana finance minister Harish Rao ignited a dialogue war between the Telugu states. Addressing Andhra workers, Harish appealed to them to completely shift to Telangana since the AP government is not providing better governance. YCP ministers hit back at Harish appropriately and later the controversy settled.

Now it’s none other than Telangana CM KCR who commented on Andhra Pradesh matters, raking up a fresh controversy. With elections around the corner KCR is touring Telangana and on Tuesday he was at Nagarkurnool. Inaugurating the new integrated complex of SP, KCR addressed a public gathering and he said that Telangana government is providing 24 hours uninterrupted electricity whereas Andhra Pradesh is in darkness.

“During the Telangana agitation, many warned that separate state will witness huge electricity outages. What is happening now in separate state is uninterrupted electricity supply to households, businesses and agriculture. This is the credibility of my government and people should not let such working and efficient governments down,” said KCR.

Referring to Andhra Pradesh, KCR added that the neighboring state is in darkness with hours of electricity interruption. Perhaps this is the first time that KCR passed on a negative comment on Andhra Pradesh and indirectly at YCP government. Is this a new strategy from KCR ahead of the elections?

Meanwhile, how the YCP government will take this criticism is something to be seen. AP ministers are very vocal against criticism and will they respond to KCR’s remarks?