Jagan Clarifies On Early Polls Rumours

Y S Jagan

The Andhra Pradesh cabinet convened on Wednesday and made several significant decisions, including the regularization of contractor employees and the introduction of a new pension scheme. However, the primary focus of this cabinet meeting revolved around political matters. Speculation had been circulating regarding early elections in Andhra Pradesh, with some media reports suggesting that Chief Minister YS Jagan Reddy was contemplating the possibility due to recent political developments.

During the cabinet meeting, CM Jagan clarified that he has no intention of dissolving the Assembly or calling for early elections. He emphasized that there is a nine-month window, and if his government works diligently during this period, they will be able to retain power. “The elections will be held as per the schedule, and there is no need to rush,” stated CM Jagan. In the closed-door meeting, he also cautioned the ministers to remain vigilant and enhance their efficiency. Furthermore, Jagan referred to survey reports and expressed his concern that some ministers were not performing up to the mark.

With CM Jagan’s confirmation that there will be no early elections, the political speculation in Andhra Pradesh has subsided. This decision allows all major political parties to have equal time to prepare for the upcoming polls. While there is a likelihood of the TDP and Jana Sena reuniting, CM Jagan’s YCP is confident in contesting the elections independently and believes that the people will vote in their favor.

Political analysts believe that CM Jagan’s decision not to call for early polls is strategic. He is assessing the YCP’s chances of winning and aims to make the best use of the nine-month period before the scheduled elections.