Naidu Is Expert In Those Politics: Roja

YSRCP firebrand MLA Roja came down heavily on TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. As we know the ‘Declaration’ row in TTD is a hot debate now in AP politics, the ruling and opposition parties are indulging in a verbal war ahead of CM Jagan’s Tirumala visit later in the day.

Countering the oppositions, mainly TDP and its chief, Roja said, “Chandrababu is an expert in doing caste and religious politics. He simply can’t live without doing politics on such silly issues.” Questioning Naidu, Roja asked where the TDP chief was when Congress president Sonia Gandhi visited Tirumala and did not make any declaration back then. Was Chandrababu laying eggs then?

Reminding Jagan’s previous visits to Tirumala, Roja added, “This is not something new. No CM has ever made declaration before offering prayers at Tirumala. Later YSR did not do so and then being in opposition and after coming to power, Jagan had visited Tirumala many a times. Last year on the occasion of ‘Brahmostavalu’ Jagan along with PM Modi were in Tirumala and then he did not do the declaration. Not even on a single instance, Jagan has made any declaration.”

Criticising the oppositions, Roja said, currently the oppositions have no issue to politicise or protest. CM Jagan is doing unprecedented works and the oppositions are unable to digest the fact that our government is working for the poor.

But BJP coming into this ‘Declaration’ picture has changed the whole equations. What happens today in Tirumala would certainly have adverse affects.

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