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YSRCP – TDP Condoms: AP Politics Stooped to a New Low

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Unlike the elections in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh elections are quite interesting. They are full of drama, cinematic twists and turns, spicy Boothulu, viral videos, and morphed content, among other things.

Besides caste and money politics, AP politics is rife with mudslinging among political rivals. The usage of dirty words and foul language has become common, something the people of AP are accustomed to. However, here is a new low in AP politics.

The controversy began when packets of condoms bearing the logos of the YSRCP and TDP surfaced in AP. Condoms are typically meant to promote safe sex practices and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, instead of focusing on the intended public health message, condoms became the subject of political mudslinging and mockery.

While TDP supporters are sharing the videos of “Siddham” condoms on social media platforms, the pro-YSRCP activists are posting the “Bhavishyattu Guarantee” condoms. Both these videos are going viral. 

Some miscreants on either side have created condoms with the logos of rival political parties and circulated videos on social media platforms. These clips are being widely shared by both groups.

Both the YSRCP and TDP accused each other of indulging in cheap political stunts to gain mileage ahead of elections. The YSRCP alleged that the TDP was behind the distribution of condoms bearing its party symbol to tarnish its image. On the other hand, the TDP accused the YSRCP of resorting to similar tactics.

Amidst these accusations and counter-accusations, the real purpose of promoting safe sex practices was overshadowed, and the entire issue turned into a spectacle of political one-upmanship.

This reflects poorly on the ethical standards of political parties. Instead of engaging in meaningful debates on development, governance, and welfare policies, political parties in AP seem more interested in scoring points through sensationalism and controversy.

Such behaviour not only undermines the integrity of democratic processes but also distracts attention from pressing issues that truly deserve public scrutiny and debate.

AP, like any other state, grapples with challenges related to employment and infrastructure. Instead of focusing on addressing these challenges, political parties waste precious time and resources on trivial matters that do little to improve the lives of citizens.

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