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Gulte — The Preferred Choice of Medium For Industry Insiders & News Buffs

Gulte (Gulte.com) was founded in March 2009 as a website for news and entertainment for the Telugu population and later emerged as a one-stop destination with 24/7 updates. The term ‘Gulte’ was coined by swapping the letters of the word ‘Telugu’, and now it serves as the premier address for entertainment news and updates.

It has become the authoritative source for breaking news in the entertainment industry. Gulte is regularly included on lists of top entertainment websites and has unparalleled reach across all digital platforms. Influential industry people and key decision-makers, mainly from the film industry track Gulte. The website has over 10 million visitors on a monthly basis. The website is a registered member of  ‘South India Digital Publishers Association’ (SIDPA) and follows its code of ethics. Magnus Technologies is the parent company of Gulte.com.

The platform delivers a wide range of reader-interest stories, including the daily breaking news reports, film reviews, insightful award-season coverage, trending topics, in-depth celebrity coverage, must-read feature spotlights, intelligent analysis on the movie, and political topics, and what’s viral now. Also, the regular updates about the OTT releases, articles on television shows, interviews of famous film celebrities, and photo galleries comprising the film-related events and paparazzi pictures, are among the most popular sections. Gulte also provides all the mentioned updates in regional language Telugu.

A team of dedicated writers and technical professionals is behind the best stories published. Gulte tells the stories that affect the audience’s daily lives and entertain as much as they inform. Happy Reading!

– Team Gulte