Centre Relieves Migrant Workers But With Conditions

Due to the Corona virus lockdown, migrant workers at all major cities across the country are badly hit. We have seen on TV and internet, migrant workers suffering from no money, food and accommodation.

Though many state governments tried their best to provide food and shelter to migrant workers, still there are large number of people out there who need help. With no help, many migrant workers went on foot their destination, they were stopped at respective state borders.

In a big relief, the Centre has today relieved them. Directing all the states, the Centre issued fresh orders of migrant workers can reach their destination but with terms and conditions. Firstly they should get the virus test done and after reaching their homes, they should be in home quarantine for at least two weeks.

The Centre has informed the states to coordinate and take necessary action to help these migrant workers. Along with them, the Centre has also permitted tourists who stranded in shrines and students in universities to go to their native places.