What Are The First 5 Files That Chandrababu Signed?

Telugu Desam supremo and the 4th-time CM, Chandrababu Naidu wasted no time as he got back to official duties on the very day he took charge as the CM. He signed not one or two, but a total of five files after taking charge as the CM today evening.

The five crucial files signed by Chandrababu are as below:

1st Signature – Mega DSC
2nd Signature – Cancellation of Land Titling Act
3rd Signature – Pension Increase to Rs. 4,000 per month
4th Signature – ‘ANNA’ Canteens Restoration
5th Signature – Skill Census

As promised during his election campaign, the first three signs were on the Mega DSC that would benefit the unemployed youth in the state. Second is the cancellation of the Land Title Act which wrecked havoc during the YCP tenure and then the increase of the pension to Rs 4000 per month.

Naidu also restored the mass outreach program of Anna canteens along with the skill census that is again aimed at creating opportunities for the unemployed youth in AP.