If You Still Love Jagan, Resign, Home Minister Warns

The newly appointed home minister of Andhra Pradesh, Anitha Vangalapudi addressed a burning topic related to AP Police while interacting with the top men of the police force. She particularly delivered a verbal warning to the police officers who worked in favor of YCP during their tenure.

Anitha pointed out that a few police officers in particular worked at YCP’s command and committed several anti-social activities in the previous tenure. She warned them of stern consequences. The new Home Minister asked the officials who are still inclined towards Jagan to readily quit their posts.

“If you still love Jagan, then resign your police duties and go work as YCP leaders. In my tenure, there is no place for political inclinations. Law and order must be maintained at all times.” Anitha said.

One of the principal complaints from TDP cadres over the last five years of Jagan rule has been the misuse of police force to trouble TDP leadership. There were complaints that several police officers worked at the command of YCP MLAs and leaders, and targeted TDP cadres.

This point has been addressed on a priority basis by Anitha now and this should provide respite to the TDP troopers.