Pawan Kalyan Brought Glamour To The Post?

It is a common tradition for any CM to appoint his loyalist as the deputy CM. In the case of outgoing CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, he had a total of 9 deputy CMs in the cabinet in his 5-year tenure. But Chandrababu Naidu proved to be completely different as he valued the position and gave it to Pawan Kalyan.

Historically, the deputy CM post didn’t have much prominence in the administrative affairs and was rather seen as an honorary position. But now that Pawan has been appointed as the deputy CM of AP, this post, as a whole has gained a lot of prominence.

When Pawan came to the secretariat today for the first time in the deputy CM position, he received a rousing reception from the locals. JSP supporters and Amaravati farmers welcomed Pawan with “Poola Varsham” almost through the course of the entire route.

Another point is that all of Andhra Pradesh is looking up to what Pawan would do in the role of the deputy CM of the state and also as the Panchayat Raj and Forest Department minister. Chandrababu Naidu ranks Pawan so highly that he made sure Pawan’s chamber in the secretariat is in close proximity to the CM’s chamber.

Usually, a cabinet position or the portfolio give importance to the man holding the position. But in the case of Pawan, he is adding more glamour to the deputy CM post, considering that he is the most dynamic and starry deputy CM in the history of AP.