Trivikram & Sai Dharam Tej – Same Mokku for Pawan?

For the first time ever, director Trivikram was seen along with his wife Soujanya and their two sons, scaling the steps from Alipiri to Tirumala, to reach the abode of Lord Balaji in Tirupathi. And now this being said as an act done not for the sake of himself or for his family, but for his best friend Pawan Kalyan.

In recent times, director Trivikram was never seen ascending the Tirumala hill that too with his family, and it is now coming out that the director did this spiritual trip to celebrate the victory of Pawan Kalyan in the 2024 general elections.

Recently ‘mega’ menalludu Sai Dharam Tej also went to Tirumala the same way and scaled the holy hill by foot. All these admirers of Pawan Kalyan are said to have promised themselves to visit Tirumala and pay homage once the Janasena chief wins the election.

Along with Trivikram and Sai Dharam Tej some other people from the film industry are also going to Tirumala to pay homage for the sake of Pawan Kalyan. Looks like all these film bigwigs are turning out to be the real admirers of Pawan unlike those turncoats who used him in the time of need but joined hands with opponents later.