Viral Video: Vijayamma Breakdown, What Jagan Did!

On the occasion of YSR Jayanthi today, the YS family was stationed at the YSR Ghat in Idupulapaya to pay respects. Earlier in the morning today, at the YSR Ghat, an interesting visual was captured as Vijayamma is seen getting emotional after seeing Jagan at the YSR Ghat.

Vijayamma had reached the YSR Ghat prior to everyone, which was followed by Jagan’s arrival. Immediately after Jagan arrived at the location, he went to embrace Vijayamma.

Incidentally, Vijayamma is seen shedding a tear or two after seeing Jagan. We then see Jagan consoling Vijayamma, before quickly moving out. The interaction between the two of them was a very brief one.

This is their first public appearance together after Jagan’s defeat in the 2024 election. Amidst doubts being raised on Jagan-Vijayamma bonding, considering the latter openly supported Sharmila in her political endeavor, the coming together of Vijayamma and Jagan at the YSR Ghat today caught the attention.