KTR Backs Jagan, Points Out Sharmila, Pawan

BRS Working President KTR has been vividly commenting about the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh over the last few months. Before the result, he picked Jagan as the favorite to win the AP polls. But with Jagan facing a historic defeat, the situation lopsided completely. 

Today, KTR addressed the media and he again brought up AP results topic, as a part of which, he expressed amusement at Jagan losing in such a catastrophic manner. “Jagan losing in such a manner after introducing so many schemes shocked me. But nevertheless, he secured 40% of the votes which is no mean feat.”

The working president added that had Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena contested on its own, the situation would have been completely different. KTR was of the opinion that Pawan is the game changer in AP politics.

He noted that Sharmila was used as a ploy to bring down Jagan and opined that Sharmila would not be getting anything more from this political gameplay.

“An MLA like Kethireddy who is always in public losing his seat shocked me. At the same time, a person who got caught with money notes became the CM here.”

KTR looked slightly agitated about Chandrababu as he mentioned that the TDP boss is enjoying a key position at the center and if he really wishes to help Telangana, like he said in his Hyderabad visit recently, it would be a good thing.

About the effect of name change from TRS to BRS affecting the party, KTR said this isn’t significant enough to bring the party down from power.