30,000 Stranded Telugu People Returning To India

The evacuation of stranded Indians from all the countries will begin soon, and COVID-19 taskforce committee chairman Krishna Babu urged the people who registered to return to India, to be ready for the travel and quarantine followed by it.

With more than 30,000 stranded Telugu people registered to return to Indian from different countries, the flights will be arriving at Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. There will be two types of quarantine for Indians reaching Andhra Pradesh, one paid and the other free, while the passengers will be at their liberty to choose one.

Depending on the places they return from, they will either be moved to quarantine facility or to the COVID health centers. There will be a mandatory 2-week quarantine and then a 14 day home quarantine for all the passengers.

The flight from the US will reach Hyderabad on May 11 and the passengers from that flight will be quarantined in Vijayawada. The hotel quarantine is being arranged at a lower price.

On the other side, 11 trains from AP ran to other states moving around 11868 passengers to their native places and the next 14 trains are scheduled. Two trains reached AP with migrant workers and other stranded people. The governments of Rajasthan and Bengal are not yet allowing the trains while Jharkhand allowed just one train from other states.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is bearing the expenses for the travel of all the migrant workers also by giving them 500 rupees each.