Jagan Copies Naidu’s Cheap Politics, HC Serious

Andhra Pradesh High Court has directed the state government to include Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu’s name in the State Securities Commission (SSC). The High Court found fault with the state government for not including Opposition leader’s name in the SSC and opined that this was against the Supreme Court’s orders (Dated: 22.09.2006) which made it mandatory to have an Independent Member/Opposition Leader in the Commission formed by the state governments. The High Court directed AP state government to include the Opposition Leader’s name with a fresh GO.

The State Security Commission was formed in 2013. It is meant to advise the State Government on policy guidelines for promoting efficient and accountable policing. The Commission functions to assist the state government in identifying performance indicators to evaluate the functioning of the police force and communicate its views on the performance of the police force. At the end of every year, the SSC shall present a report of its work during the previous year to the state government.

However, the tradition of excluding Opposition Leader from the State Securities Commission began by Naidu himself. Earlier when Chandrababu Naidu was the Chief Minister in 2018, his government had issued a GO amending the relevant order to exclude the Opposition leader from the commission. Then the High Court had ordered the state government to include then Opposition Leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s name in the SSC.

Looks like, Jagan administration now took ‘revenge’ by removing Naidu’s name from the SSC. However, with the latest directions from the High Court, the Jagan government has to obey and include Naidu’s name in the SSC. Looks like, petty politics are dampening the spirit and thus leading to waste of Court’s precious time and public money.

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