Naa Koothuru Kadigina Muthyam, KCR Says


It is been nearly 5 weeks since the arrest of K Kavitha in the Delhi Liquor Policy case and in this period, only once did KCR comment on this matter. His first retort was a very generic one as he called it a politically motivated attack by the BJP government in the center. 

Today, KCR, for the first time has reacted in a comprehensive and elaborate manner on this case as he claimed that his daughter is clean and she has nothing to do with the supposed scam. 

KCR called this a political vendetta as a part of the larger scheme of things that the Modi government devised to hit two birds with one shot i.e., the Kejriwal government in Delhi and the BRS camp in Telangana. The BRS president said this case is entirely fabricated. 

Adding weight to his argument, KCR complemented his daughter Kavitha by saying “Naa Koothuru Kadigina Muthyam”.

KCR called this “Delhi liquor” scam a “Scheme” by the Modi government to oppress their political opponents by using the central investigative authorities. He termed the whole process a scam.

Earlier, KCR remained tight-lipped on this matter and this led to an internal talk that he was looking to avoid conflict with the BJP government after having already lost power in Telangana. After realizing that being silent on this matter can do more bad than good, KCR has altered his stance and he has started to hit back at the Modi government.