MS Dhoni Sixer Made RCB Won The Match?

Last night’s high-profile match between SRH and RCB ended with RCB pulling off a remarkable victory to go through to the playoffs. RCB now stands in the fourth position on the table and could face SRH or Rajasthan in the knockout game.

Coming back to last night’s game, MS Dhoni is being tipped to be the main reason why RCB was able to win the game last night. Wonder how?

In the final over of the game, CSK needed 17 runs to fulfill the net run rate quota and qualify for the playoffs. MS Dhoni, being MS Dhoni struck the very first ball of Dayal’s last over for a massive six. The stroke from Dhoni was so powerful that the ball went out of the ground and a new ball had to be brought in. This is when the magic happened.

The old ball that Dhoni hit for a six was wet due to the dew and wet outfield. So the bowlers were finding it hard to grip the ball and deliver slower back-of-the-hand deliveries. But when Dhoni hit this ball out of the park, a new ball had to be brought in and this was a dry ball.

The new ball made it easier for Dayal to grip and the impact was so instant that he got Dhoni caught out with the very next ball and eventually ended up defending the score. This way, Dhoni and his mighty six ended up costing the game for CSK. This was confirmed by RCB player Dinesh Karthik too as he said the new dry ball was the game changer for them.