That’s Stupendous Work Upasana

Upasana is not just the best half of star hero Ram Charan. She is an entrepreneur and also manages the operations of Apollo Foundation, a non-profit organisation that does a lot of charity for the needy.

But not many are aware of the noble works of Upasana in her personal capacity. She runs another foundation called Billion Hearts Beating (BHB) and through it she supports 150 old age homes across India.

That’s stupendous work for the aged people who are neglected by their own family. The main motive of BHB is a long-term sustainable movement towards a healthy India.

During the pandemic, BHB had distributed monthly medicines, reusable face masks, gloves and sanitizers in old age homes and children homes located in Delhi/NCR, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. Over 4500 elderly people and 1900 children benefited from the distribution drive and the efforts continue with challenging times.

For sure Upasana has a golden heart but it’s a ‘Billion’ times generous and more power to her.