75% WFH: Big shift coming in IT working model!

The outbreak of Coronavirus has changed our lives in every possible way. IT giants have forces employees to start delivering the work from home. As soon as lockdown is lifted, many tech firms are likely to ask their staff to continue working remotely as it’s a good cost saving option in this tough economic times.

India’s leading IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has already said that 75% of its total workforce will permanently work from home by 2025, while only 20% of 4.5 lakh TCS employees are currently utilising the WFH option. Speaking about future working model of TCS, company’s Chief operating officer Subramaniam said that each employee will spend only 25% of working time in office. This will also imply that of all the team members, only 75% of a project team may be in a single location and the rest will be dispersed across geographies, he adds. Already, Infosys has a policy which helps employees to work 9 days in a month from their home.

The new working model will benefit both for employees and employers. While IT companies can save large percentage of spending on real estate leasing and work spaces to run office. It’s an advantage to employees who can save their time in commuting to office everyday. In months to come, IT companies will push for WFH and it is expected to become a default by 2025.

However, some consulting firms say that working remotely may not be productive in the long run, because of the lack of dedicated space, tools and infrastructure in the houses of entry level and mid level employees.