What The VirUS? 2100 Covid-19 Deaths In One Day

The vaccine trials against the Coronavirus are giving great news to the world. The efficacy of Pfizer and BioNtech is promising and the first batch of vaccines may be coming in December to the US. But what bothers on the other side is the largest growing number of cases and deaths recorded in the US each day.

The US has recorded more than 2100 Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday alone. This is recorded as the highest one-day covid deaths in the country after early May. On April 15, the Covid-19 death toll reported in a single day was more than 2600.

Almost all the states have been seeing a record number of Covid-19 cases since the election week. The number of hospitalizations and cases are going up hinting at more deaths to follow. The daily cases of Coronavirus in the US have been consistently above 100,000 in the last three weeks.

The health care officials have been asking the public to wear masks and avoid gatherings. The stay at home and home schools have been ordered in many states already. But the number of cases is still expected to surge due to the celebrations Americans won’t give up on are coming. Post-Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cases are far likely to go up, though the US CDC advises to not travel to celebrate.

Irrespective of travel recommendations from health experts, more than 1 million travelers have passed through the airport securities all over the country, as per the records of Sunday by the TSA reports.