Pic Talk: Upasana and Her ‘Avakaya’ Jaadi

Mega daughter in law Upasana Kamineni Konidela knows better than anyone when it comes to using her quarantine time. After giving lockdown tips and safety precautions she’s busy giving some cooking tips to all. Also, she is sharing how to make certain recipes thus showcasing her culinary skills.

Giving a traditional touch to her gastronomic acts, now Upasana has come up with her Avakaya pickle. She says, the pickle is made as per the ancient recipe popular inside Domakonda fort and posed with her Avakayi Jaadi. No doubt, summer is the time Telugu people mix their Avakaya pickle for the rest of the year and Upasana’s timely recipe might help many.

She has taken to her YouTube page to showcase how the pickle is actually mixed using unripe green mangoes, garlic, oil and other ingredients. While Upasana’s picture is too adorable to see, no doubt her recipe video will be helping many daughters and kodallu who are struck in cities without their elders.

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