Bitcoin Suspense: Man Left With Two Password-Guesses To Recover $220 Million

With the unexpected highs for the Bitcoin price these days, people who got big fortunes in the cryptocurrency. But some of them are realizing now that they lost their passwords for their encrypted digital wallets and struggling to recover them.

A Bitcoin owner is now left with just two guesses to find his password for a cryptocurrency wallet and that would bring him back his $220 Million dollars, which otherwise are lost. A German programmer Stefan Thomas living in San Francisco needs to unlock the password of his small hard drive, which is known as an Ironkey.

The IronKey allows the users to guess 10 times before it encrypts the contents forever and Thomas is stuck in the same scene. He lost his password years ago when he misplaced a paper on which he wrote down the password, reportedly.

So far, Thomas used eight of his attempts to recover the password and is now left with only two guesses.

Thomas was gifted 7002 Bitcoins back in 2011 when he was in Switzerland, by an early Bitcoin advocate. Recently, the Bitcoin prices have been rising up to a record high of $42000 on January 8 and by Monday, it came back to $31,000.

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