Kerala Photographer Develops Face Revealing Masks

With the Corona virus, personal hygiene has become more important now. Masks and sanitizers are mandatory for any person. Most of the states in the country have made masks compulsory for people while stepping out and now like a smartphone, masks are integral part too.

But there is a complaint against masks that they are hiding the identity of a person and so a photographer by name Bineesh G Paul from Kerala has developed a unique face revealing masks which are gaining popularity.

This photographer works at a digital studio in Kottayyam and he has developed this face printing masks that is overcoming this identity crisis. These masks have hit huge demand and in the last they have sold over 1000 masks and they have about 5000 masks in order.

When asked about the process of preparing the mask, Bineesh said, firstly the customers need to give their high resolution picture. Through the sublimation printing technique, the picture will be cropped and the lower part of the face is transferred to a particular paper, which is then enlarged and superimposed to a cloth mask with a high degree temperature.

The making of this mask costs around Rs 60 and people are not hesitating to shell out for such masks. Now many digital studios in Kottayyam are adapting this technique and are working on coming up with this designer masks.