Solo Brathuke So Better Trailer: Hilarious Ride

The trailer of much-awaited Solo Brathuke So Better is out. The trailer begins with an interesting episode which shows out a burning cut-out of the protagonist where protesters making slogans against him and demanding for justice. And slowly the makers delves us into the story.

The protagonist is a college student. He is on a mission to fight against committed relationships like Marriage and Love. He gets inspired from the likes of Vajpayee, Abdul Kalam, Lata Mangeshkar and interestingly, R Narayanamurthy. What happens when one such person gets attracted to a beautiful girl. How does it affect his love with her. What happens next is the crux of the story.

Debutante director Subbu banks on comedy and fun underlying this simple thread of going against marriage. This made instantly strike a chord with many youths these days who are moving onto live freely without getting stick to any committed relationship.

Sai Dharam Tej shines. It is his show. Comedians Vennela Kishore, Sathya are hilarious best. Rao Ramesh is a big asset. He is seen as Tej’s Mamayya. Remember the Prathi Roju Pandage bond between Rao Ramesh and Tej as father-son. Their bonhomie seems to have worked well in Solo Brathuke as well. Thaman’s background score yet again strikes. Dialogues are hilarious and work in favour of the film.

On the whole, SBSB is a light-hearted youthful entertainer with its heart at right place. The emotions seem to have worked. The trailer indicates that the film stays honest to its title and it propagates anti-marriage, anti-love philosophy. Do catch it in theatres on Dec 25th.

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