Mehreen Writes On The Dark Side & Struggles Of Being A Star

Mehreen Pirzada, who will be seen next in Anil Ravipudi’s F3, posted an Instagram story that grabbed massive attention in a twinkling of an eye. She talked about the troubles in a celebrity’s life and the pressures of being in the spotlight, proving a point that being rich and famous may sound glamorous, but it’s not always as good as it seems! She wrote that the craziness of artists’ lives is that they willfully choose the life of uncertainty.

She wrote they work with a lifetime of no guarantees and put bodies to rigorous work. Mehreen, who lost oodles of weight, resonates with the point so much and her sedulous efforts in shutting everyone who body-shamed her has been remarkable. Mehreen further mentioned how the actors have to go through two extremes, unprecedented success and monumental failure anytime.

“We sit, stand, wake, sleep, starve, ache in awkward spots, glued together by a shared thrill,” Mehreen stated. She recalled how the artists need to work day, night, and at any season, irrespective of their interest, which in turn affects their health too. She mentioned artists got to live away from family and friends for a longer time. Celebs often end up spending far less time with their families and loved ones than they would like, and it can be a fairly solitary life.

“We push ourselves to a breaking point, all for a piece of art” she concluded. Mehreen’s post is moving and leaves us to ponder over how celebrities also have real feelings, real struggles, and real mental health problems that interfere with their daily lives, especially right now, as a stressful and devastating global pandemic continues to stir up uncertain emotions.