Nani’s Dasara: Highest Budget, Finest Marketing, Biggest Release

Nani Dasara

Raw trailers, rugged avatar and impressive Telangana slang— all these factors worked out big in the favour of Natural Star Nani if we have to say. He is coming up with the film “Dasara” which is hitting the marquee tomorrow (March 30th) on the eve of Srirama Navami. With this attention aided by the highest budget, finest marketing and the biggest release, one wonders what will the talented hero do at the box office tomorrow. 

For hero Nani and producer Sudhakar Cherukuri, Nani’s Dasara happens to be the highest-budgeted film of their careers. Reports coming that the film has cost the producer a whopping ₹70+ crores, including production of the first copy, marketing and other expenditures. This is the highest ever for Nani as his previous films haven’t touched ₹40 crores even. And to recover this total expenditure, the makers have invested a lot in marketing, following some finest techniques to make the film click in the north. That includes Nani going from town to town like Ahmedabad, Lucknow and New Delhi and marketing Dasara everywhere. Even in Telugu states, he has given enormous media interviews and made sure to take the film to the public. 

Cut to the budget recovery, the producer has sold the film’s Telugu states rights long back to a third party for ₹24 crores, and finally, Dil Raju bought them for ₹33+ crores. Whether the film makes a shortage or overflows, the producer’s pockets won’t get any benefit from that. Including the sales of other territories’ release rights, digital streaming rights and satellite rights, the makers are said to have recovered the total budget without huge profits. The thing is, the makers released the film on their own in Bollywood with almost ₹5 crores expenditure. If the film clicks there like a Pushpa or Kantara, whatever the single penny they are going to earn from the Hindi box office is going to be a bonus only. 

Coming to the release, the film is going to be the biggest one in the career of Nani as Telugu states got a maximum placement for the film as Dil Raju happens to be the distributor. Even the Hindi version release is quite good as it is in the safe hands of Anil Thadani’s AA Films which released Baahubali earlier. It is going to be the biggest release for Nani Overseas as well with almost 600+ screens getting ready for the Telugu version alone. The talk from the circles is that Dasara is likely to make $1 million from the premieres and the first day alone. 

Also if this film turns out to be a humongous blockbuster, then surely Nani’s range at the box office not only gets doubled but the span and budgets of his films will reach a new high. The actor is hoping that mass content created by newcomer director Srikanth Odela is going to click big time. Dasara features Keerthy Suresh as the leading lady.