‘We Didn’t Show Anything In Trailer Because..’ -Siddhu

“The first part film (DJ Tilu) gave us no clue when it was coming, that’s the reason even a simple story paid off quite well as your characterisation clicked. Now that we know the character of Tillu, the story should be extremely good” asked Gulte.com’s Lokesh Bandi, while interacting with happening hero Siddhu Jonnalagadda who is coming up with “Tillu Square” this weekend into theatres.

“What you said is right, we have a compelling story in fact inside the film, but purposefully we haven’t shown anything in the trailer. If we give away one layer, all the others will be self-explanatory. That’s the reason we didn’t have any part about the story there. But it will be quite intriguing once you watch the film in theatres” says Siddhu, promising that Tillu Square will be living up to the expectations of DJ Tillu’s fans.

On the other hand, Siddhu also explained why they had opted for Mallik Ram as the director of the film rather than Vimal Krishna, and why Thaman was unable to give a background score for the film but Bheems jumped in. Also, the hero wonders why everyone is talking only about Anupama Parameswaran’s glamour part but not all the other beautiful details of the movie. Also, he revealed important stuff about his upcoming films like Jack and Telusu Kadha too. Do watch the full interview to find out more about Siddhu’s interesting answers, explanations and views.