Every woman in the world is a Bujji – Neha Shetty

The poised and ever positive Neha Shetty opens up about her role in “Gangs of Godavari” and her journey in the film industry in a video conversation with Gulte.

When asked to describe her character Bujji, a woman from a village on the Godavari coast from the 90s, Neha says, “Bujji is beautiful, elegant and vulnerable, while embodying immense strength in her character. She is nice when she has to be nice, harsh when she has to be harsh and she is telling everyone, ‘Hey don’t push me. Don’t make me do something I don’t want to do.’ In a way, every woman in this world is a Bujji.”

The actress was recently seen reprising Radhika from DJ Tillu in the film’s sequel Tillu Square. As iconic as the character, we don’t see Radhika’s life unfold prominently in either of these films. Did Neha ever wonder what happens to Radhika after Tillu Square? She replies in the negative, stating that she only thinks of a character’s backstory on the sets, for the sake of her performance and nothing else.

After playing a woman from a village in both Bedurulanka 2012 and now Gangs of Godavari, Neha admits that she would like to play an urban character in her next film. When asked to choose between her songs Suttamla Soosi and Sammohanuda, the actress says, “It is very tough to choose because both these songs are very close to my heart. But if I have to choose one song though, to listen to for the rest of my life, I will pick Suttamla Soosi. It is a song you can hum and listen to on repeat, while Sammohanuda is more of a peppy dance number.”