HE Failed To Utilize SOS Craze

HE Failed To Utilize SOS Craze

Kannada actor Upendra is a well known face to Tollywood spectators with the films Raa, A, Upendra etc. Nevertheless, he lost Telugu audience adore by doing same kinds of films afterwards. Upendra made his comeback in Telugu with Allu Arjun starrer and Trivikram Srinivas directed Son Of Satyamurthy where he played a powerful role for which the Kannada superstar won applauses. The film regained old glory for Upendra in masses of Telugu states.

However, Upendra botched to utilize the craze. His recent outing Upendra 2, dubbed version of Kannada film Uppi 2, is a biggest test for audience patience owing to complexity in the narration. Moreover, the psychological thriller disturbed Telugu distributors psychologically, provided huge losses. RS Films bought Upendra 2 rights for 1.08 crores and including printing publicity they shelled out 2 crores overall. The film directed as well as produced by Upendra collected 80 lakhs share and is set to throw out of all the theaters in AP and Nizam on this Friday with new arrivals.

On the other hand, Kannada version Uppi 2 reportedly grossed Rs.35 crores net domestically on the first day and Rs. 55 crores in the first 5 days, becoming the highest grosser in Upendra's career.

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