RRR From Undi: A Chandrababu Masterclass

Raghu Rama Krishna Raju is one of the most attention-grabbing MLA candidates in the Andhra Pradesh political scene as he moved from the Narsapuram MP segment to the Undi assembly constituency under highly theatrical situations. His move to Undi wasn’t one bit smooth either but this is where Chandrababu’s masterclass was on full display.

Before the MLA/MP ticket allocation, Chandrababu Naidu made it clear that every sitting MLA and MP of Telugu Desam will be retaining the tickets for the 2024 election. But he had to break this word as he had to replace TDP Undi sitting MLA Mantena Rama Raju with Raghu Rama Krishna Raju. At first, there was a big outcry from Rama Raju’s camp as they damaged the TDP office in Undi as an exhibition of protest against RRR’s appointment as the MLA candidate.

But being a senior statesman, Chandrababu moved swiftly and eradicated the rebellion and negative upswing. Reportedly, Naidu proactively worked with Rama Raju and got him to understand the situation and the conditions under which RRR had to be given the Undi ticket.

Chandrababu’s dealing and method of operation are so comprehensive that Mantena Rama Raju went from being a rebel a few days ago to partaking in RRR’s nomination rally in Undi last afternoon. The difference that Naidu made in Undi in the last week is there to be seen. He put out the fire of Mantena and set the right stage for RRR in Undi, which is a sure shot seat for TDP.

Many senior political analysts are also surprised by Chandrababu’s internal grip on TDP and the respect he commands among the candidates. Orchestrating the alliance just months before the polls, effective ticket distribution, and the impeccable ability to put out rebellions are the kinds of traits that separates Chandrababu from other crop of politicians.