Pic Talk: Rakul Bends Like A Bow

Rakul's beauty secret has another regime included apart from cardio, weight training and diet plans. The actress swears by yoga. Yes, she posted a picture of her doing yoga and captioned: 'Kickstarting the day with what I love the most !! Connecting with nature in nature '

Rakul is seen bending her body like a up facing bow, doing Chakrasana, wearing yoga pants, in a beautiful outdoors. The actress has instantly lit the inspiration inside us and we are loving her latest fitness practice. Known for her great body, Rakul has vastly evolved from a very good looking lady to one of the sexiest women in the film industry.

She often posts her workout photos on Instagram and motivates her followers. Her rigorous fitness regimes are something people look up to and it is enlightening to know that Rakul also practises mind-body wellness with yoga.