Pawan Roars: Janasena Stood For 10 Years, Because Of This

“No political party ever in India has run for 10 years, without winning MLA seats, without having power, without having money and without finding a place in any assembly or parliament, but Janasena did it. This happened because Telugu people, the 5 crore Telugu people have put this party in their heart” said Pawan Kalyan, roaringly, at his last roadshow in Pithapuram constituency the other day.

“We’ve run the party for 10 years without power, but that’s not Pawan Kalyan’s greatness. That’s because of the cadre, the women who are supporting the party, the NRIs that are standing by Janasena” added Pawan Kalyan, making his cadres go merry. At the same time, the Janasena president also stated that he’s never trying appeasement politics that will cater to one particular caste or the other, but he will stand by those in need and in trouble.

Listening to these lines from Pawan Kalyan’s speeches, many are wondering if it is already 10 years since Janasena came into existence, saw two elections already, and saw many defeats and minor victories. What is to be seen is, will people bless this party with the victory they are trying to amass?

“Dharma will win. Alliance will be victorious” rounds off Pawan— hope it happens.