Krishnamma Movie review


2 Hr 10 Mins   |   Action   |   10-05-2024

Cast - Satya Dev, AthiraRaj , Archana Iyer, Laxman Meesala , Krishna Burugula

Director - V V Gopala Krishna

Producer - Krishna Kommalapati

Banner - Arunachala Creations

Music - Kala Bhairava

Satyadev’s latest ‘Krishnamma’ created a good buzz among cinegoers with Koratala Siva presenting it. The movie has been released today. Let’s check what it is about.

Story :

The movie deals with the lives of three orphans, Bhadra(Satya Dev), Shiva(Krishna Burugula) and Koti(Laxman Meesala) who share a thick friendship bond. Bhadra and Koti are small time smugglers while Shiva runs a printing press and is averse to the work that Bhadra and Koti do. A necessity arrives in their lives pushing them all to take part in the transportation of smuggled goods and unfortunately they will be captured by police, who plan to ruin the lives of these three friends with their ill intentions.


Satyadev was impeccable as Bhadra, his natural enactment reminds us of Raviteja in a good taste. He single handedly tried to salvage the second half from the ruins of routine affair with his impressive performance. Laxman Meesala as Koti was fine. Rest of the cast were adequate in their respective roles.


Cinematography by Sunny Kurupati was nice. The effort to capture the rustic feel against the natural , simple surroundings was evident. Music by Kaala Bhairava was okay. His songs were good but the bgm score disappoints. Editing by Tammiraju was fast paced. It benefits in the first half but it goes for a toss in the second half evaporating the strong emotions very quickly.

Thumbs Up:

Satyadev’s Performance
Initial portions of first half

Thumbs Down:

Weak Second half
Hurried Climax


V V Gopala Krishna had a strong idea, his writing holds our attention in initial portions in establishing the plight of the protagonists as orphans in society, their want to have a family, their hope to see themselves living a better life, everything was neatly done here. And then we are introduced to a key love story where things start to feel generic, however the emotions still work here and there and make the first half end on a decent note. It was in the second half where the Director ran out of ideas and chose to include a weakly developed revenge idea that we have seen in mainstream cinema umpteen times before. His writing gets very convenient here and the narrative becomes rushed, making the execution quite uninteresting. The key twist didn’t leave the desired impact. The villain character was interesting but the director with his feeble revenge idea spoils it, the climax fight appeared soulless.

Bottomline: ‘Okayish’amma

Rating : 2.5/5