Pic Talk: Mehreen feels scared while getting vaccinated

Many people across the country are getting vaccinated daily to fight the deadly coronavirus. Now, actress Mehreen joined the list and got her first shot done. The F2 actress got vaccinated along with her staff members earlier today. She shared the news on social media and urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Mehreen shared her picture and her staff’s pictures on social media and wrote, “I along with my staff have taken our first vaccination shot today. As a person who was afflicted with Covid19 and recovered, I implore everyone to do their National duty and get vaccinated. It doesn’t hurt that much but I’m a softy at heart.”

We can see Mehreen getting a bit afraid while getting injected. The actress said that she is soft at heart but didn’t feel anything hurting after getting vaccinated. On the career front, she is currently acting in F3 and an untitled project with Santosh Shoban.