Masooda Movie Review


2 Hrs 40 Mins   |   Horror   |   18-11-2022

Cast - Sangitha, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyanram and others

Director - Sai Kiran

Producer - Rahul Yadav Nakka

Banner - Swadharam Entertainments

Music - Prashanth R Vihari

It has been ages since we saw a true blue horror flick in Telugu cinema. Of late, the only horror we know is horror comedies. Finally, a genuine horror flick hit the theatres and it is Masooda. This Sai Kiran directorial generated positive buzz through its trailer. Check out if the movie lived up to those expectations.

Neelam (Sangitha) is a single Muslim mother who stays with her daughter Nazia (Bandhavi Sridhar). Gopi (Thiruveer) is their neighbour. He works as an IT employee. All of a sudden, Neelam observes abnormal change in Nazia’s behaviour. Soon, it is found out that Nazia is possessed. Neelam then seeks Gopi’s help. Together, they get to know some shocking facts about the spirit that possessed Nazia.

Masooda has an interesting premise and it hooks the audience right away by introducing the main conflict. This is indeed a honest attempt in the classic horror genre. Howevere, there is severe violence and gore which may appeal uncomfortable for a few sections of audiences.

Thiruveer fit in the shoes of Gopi perfectly. He gave an impressive performance in his role. Kavya played the romantic interest of Thiruveer. Though she looks good onscreen, she was not the right fit for this role. Sangitha delivered an earnest performance as Neelam. She did emotional scenes in a convincing way. Bandhavi Sridhar puts on a decent show.

The main asset of Mason is the cinematography. Nagesh Banell of Pelli Choopulu fame adds soul to the movie with his camera work. The frames and shot are aesthetic and give a good horror feel. Prashanth R Vihari’s music is alright. He scored brownie points with the background score. The production values are great. The editing is apt.

Masooda’s core plot line is unique and interesting. The director starts off the film in an intriguing way but the later proceedings are very slow. Also, the film becomes bland after a bit. There are not enough jump scares which audiences expect from horror films. There are no twists too. If the film packed some more scares and a crispy cut, it would have become a remarkable film in this genre.

Thumbs Up:

Core Storyline
Camera work
Background music

Thumbs Down:

Bland narrative
Flat Screenplay
Slow proceedings
Lengthy Second half

On the whole, Masooda is a decent attempt in the horror genre but not a pathbreaking one. If you are a horror films fan, you can give it a try. Not a must-watch but an average attempt.

Bottom-line: Try It If You Are A Horror Films Fan!

Rating: 2.5/5