| | 2016-10-06

Nikhil Kumar, Deepti, Jagapathi Babu, Sampath Raj, Brahmanandam, Rao Ramesh, Ramya Krishna and others

Director - A. Mahadev
Producer - Anitha Kumara Swamy
Banner - Channambika Films
Music - Thaman

Jaguar has caught the attention of cinema lovers with aggressive promotions. Nikhil Kumar who made debut as actor with this film is the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda. It is one of the main reasons for the buzz around this film. Jaguar is a typical commercial film that is written for the launch of a new hero. It has commercial elements that may please the masses, but for others it might seem like total waste of money.

What is it about?

Krishna (Nikhil) who claims to be an orphan joins in a medical college. He behaves like a normal youngster, but there is other side to him. He targets some people and brutally kills them while telecasting the murders live on Television. CBI Officer (Jagapathi Babu) calls him with the name Jaguar. Meanwhile Krishna gets closer to enemies and the plot thickens. Rest of the film is about Krishna's past and the reason behind his killings.


Nikhil Kumar is energetic. He is good in songs and fight sequences. He needs a bit more grooming and his acting skills require a lot more honing. Deepti Sati is average looking and takes time to grow on us. She is a very mediocre actress. Jagapathi Babu made his presence felt with his handsome looks. Sampath Raj and Aditya Menen have done similar characters before. Rao Ramesh and Ramya Krishna add value to the proceedings. Brahmanandam fails to evoke humor. Adarsh is good in a supporting role. Tamanna sizzled in an item song.


Director Mahadev chose an age old script (written by Vijayendra Prasad) and tried to present it in a contemporary style. He did well in getting the action part right. He did a decent job in executing emotional scenes. His handling of comedy scenes is pretty bad. A routine fare like Jaguar needs to be high on entertainment. Mahadev totally failed in that department.

Thaman's music is average at best. It is a surprise that there isn't even one catchy tune in this high budget film. Background score is bang on the mark though. Cinematography and action direction are the main assets to this film. Production values are rich. The film looks like any other high budget film starring an established superstar.

Thumbs Up:

Action part
Supporting cast

Thumbs Down:

Routine plot


Jaguar has a very weak plot that has been done to death in Telugu cinema. Director Mahadev tried to pass it off as a novel film with ideas like telecasting live murders and medical college backdrop. But it all comes down to ‘Son avenging father's death' at the end, which has been the plot device for tons of movies in the past.

Jaguar do starts off on an interesting note, but goes downhill once the protagonist enters medical college. His characterization and the romantic track with Deepti fail to strike a chord. Screenplay follows the routine template of either a song or a fight at ten minute intervals. One could easily guess the reasons behind protagonist's actions all because of a bad screenplay.

First half is alright despite the mediocrity. Second half tests your patience with template scenes and pale comedy. Only bright spot is the lengthy chase sequence that has been executed very well. Jaguar is a routine revenge drama that lacks freshness. Saying so, it may appeal to the B and C center audience that likes to watch heavy duty action scenes.   

Verdict: This Jaguar is weak and worn out.