KCR Pampering YSR Loyalists In Telangana?

After the gutting defeat in the Telangana assembly elections, BRS has been facing a very tough time. The severity of the crisis is such that KCR, who didn’t attend a single face-to-face TV interview in the last 10 years partook in an interview last night and addressed several burning topics in Telangana politics.

Speaking in the interview, KCR expectedly fired on new CM Revanth Reddy by calling the Congressman an unwitting CM who can’t utilize the resources left by the BRS government. He said all Revanth has been doing in his four-month tenure as the CM is simply cry foul on the previous BRS government.

Interestingly, KCR tried to enter the good books of the YSR loyalists in Telangana as he publicly said he is continuing the welfare schemes that YSR originally conceptualized.

‘I continued the fee reimbursement and Arogya Sri schemes that were formulated by YSR. In fact, we added more categories to the Arogya Sri program to help the underprivileged.” KCR said as he looked to appease the YS voter base in Telangana. 

The YSR loyalist base in Telangana is heavily allied with the Congress party but KCR appears to be appeasing them by shedding positive light on the late CM and likening his welfare policy-making to the ex Congress CM.