Movie Review: Intelligent

| Action | 2018-02-09

Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya, Rahul Dev, Saptagiri, Sayaji Shinde, Ashish Vidyardhi and others

Director - VV Vinayak
Producer - C Kalyan
Banner - CK Entertainments
Music - S. Thaman

Sai Dharam Tej who has been going through a streak of failures believed in Vinayak to bail him out with his experience. Vinayak's last film Khaidi No. 150 was a runaway blockbuster and Tej hoped that in-form director can give him the much needed success. But Vinayak made a mess out of Intelligent that cannot be liked by any section of audience.

What is it about?

Tej (Sai Dharam Tej) is a software engineer whose boss (Nasser) is a noble man who does social service. His competitors want to eliminate Tej's boss to keep them in business. He gets killed and Tej turns Dharma Bhai and take on the bad guys with his 'intellectual' ideas.


Sai Dharam Tej looked clueless in the film as there is nothing much an actor can do about this half baked role. He is pretty good with his dance moves and clicks in the action episodes. Lavanya is beautiful and that's it. She has nothing to do but look beautiful in front of the camera. Rahul Dev looks uninterested as the main villain. Saptagiri's comedy doesn't work. Sayaji Shinde and Ashish Vidhyardhi are seen in important roles.


Vinayak can make a formula film work with his racy screenplay and powerful scenes. He is clearly out of touch in the film as there isn't one scene or shot that bears his mark. The story written by Akula Siva is very bad and Vinayak's screenplay couldn't make any difference to it. There is an attempt to save the film by resorting to comedy, but bad writing continued to haunt it everywhere.

Thaman has done a mediocre job this time. None of the songs are impressive. Even Chamaku Chamaku remix song didn't work. Cinematography is pretty average. Dialogues are unimpressive. Production values are just okay. The film lacks the visual grandeur that is associated with a Vinayak's film.

Thumbs Up:

Tej's dances

Thumbs Down:






Vinayak has clearly run out of ideas. His previous film Khaidi No. 150 was saved by Chiranjeevi's charismatic screen presence and the 'reentry' hype around it. Like Akhil, this film also turns out to be an endless torture for its viewers. It seemed like Vinayak and his team of writers simply went onto make scene after scene hoping some or the other would work. Wonder what was Sai Dharam Tej thinking when he okayed this script.

Yes, Vinayak has made some sensational commercial hits, but Intelligent is flawed in every way and doesn't require rocket science to spot it. The film starts off on a weak note and never even reaches the average mark at any point. Everything about the film is underwhelming and outright boring right from the start to the finish. One will need Himalayan patience to sit through this horrendous torture.

Funny part is the director and his team felt that it is an Intelligent film. They were so confident that they even went ahead and named it as Intelligent. None of the protagonist's ideas seem intelligent. Even Vinayak didn't have clue about what to incorporate in the screenplay to make it look Intelligent. Lengthy comedy scenes come out of nowhere and bore you to death. Climax is a slog. On a whole, Intelligent is a severe blow to Tej's hopes of bouncing back.      

Vinayak's movies usually appeal to the masses irrespective of routine formulaic scripts. But Intelligent will not appeal to anybody as it doesn't have anything that could impress anybody. Tej does his best but it is not enough to lift this dumb film. Vinayak also will need something exceptional to return to form after making such an unforgivable mess.            

Verdict: An intelligent dud.