PK Affidavit: Rs 73 crore tax, 20 crore donation, 64 crore loans

An important leg of Pawan Kalyan’s 2024 election campaign has drawn to a close today with the JSP head filing his nomination. He is officially the MLA candidate from the Pithapuram assembly constituency now. As a customary part of the nomination process, Pawan submitted his affidavit today and here are some interesting findings of the document.

Pawan mentioned his income in the last 5 years in affidavit. However, a major portion of this income has gone into taxation and donations. Pawan donated in excess of Rs 20 crore while having paid Rs 73.92 crore in income taxes. He must be one of the highest taxpayers on the list of MLA candidates from AP.

Pawan, on multiple occasions in the past, noted that it is tough to run the party and he is having to work extra hard in his films to manage the finances. This can be understood if we look at the citation that Pawan has Rs 64.26 crores in loans. Film producers Mythri’s Naveen Yerneni and Harika Hassine Creations are on the list of lenders for Pawan.

Pawan owns a fleet of expensive cars and a Harley Davidson bike. The Varahi vehicle which is a hallmark of Pawan’s election campaign isn’t on the list of Pawan’s possessions and assets. 

Comparatively, Pawan had Rs 33 crore loans in 2019 and the number blew up to Rs 64+ crore in 2024 which meant that running JSP for the last 5 years has been a financially demanding journey for Pawan.