Nimmagadda Issue: SC Did Not Consider AP’s Request

Supreme Court

The YSRCP government is doing everything that is needed to restrict Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar from taking charge as AP State Election Commissioner (APSEC). Even though they had filed several petitions earlier, the Supreme Court has squashed them.

On Wednesday, the YCP government filed another petition seeking AP Governor’s intervention in appointing an interim APSEC. The Supreme Court taking up the petition heard the arguments of the advocates on behalf of the government. “With High Court’s ruling in favour of Nimmagadda, the AP Election Commission officials are unable to do certain works. We request the court to give special orders for the Governor to appoint interim APSEC,” said the advocates.

However, the Supreme Court has declined this petition and added that they cannot direct the Governor to appoint interim APSEC at this point of time. Further the Supreme Court hoped that this case would take another two or three weeks to come to a logical conclusion.

The next hearing has been postponed by three weeks and in this gap, the YSRCP government might come up with another petition, if possible.