That's Modi! For The First Time PM's Comments deleted from records

That's Modi! For The First Time PM's Comments deleted from records

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, has got many records to his credit now. Some of his actions made Modi fell from grace and now, PM had to face music for his comments in Parliament House and as a result, he has got into the bad books of Indian Parliament House.

Speaking about recent election of deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha between JDU candidate Harivansh and Congress MP Hariprasad, Modi said that both the MPs have 'Hari' in common & made a mockery of Congress contestant BK Hariprasad on his initials (B.K).

"Dono tariff Hari the, ek ke aage BK tha. BK Hari, koi na bikey. Yahan pe jo Hari koi BK BK nahi tha, (On both sides there were [people named] Hari. One's name was prefixed by BK: BK Hari. Another one was not BK [punning on the Hindi word bikay, or sold]. The Hari here was neither BK nor sold)," Modi had said.

Taking a strong objection to it, Congress Party MPs referred to it dirty, shameful, objectionable and unparliamentary. Only after RJD MP Manoj Jha raised a concern to it, the chairman of House expunged the comments of PM.

However, considering the bad wordplay on an MP, the remarks made by PM Narendra Modi have been officially expunged from the records. And, this is for the first time a PM's statement has been truncated from the parliament records. That's how, Modi registered one more record as the Prime Minister of India.

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