21 Telugu Students Deported From The US

In the last couple of weeks, thousands of Indian students have flown down to the United States, Australia and Europe to pursue their masters and higher studies. From the Telugu states, close to 16,000 students took the flight to the United States. However, nearly 21 students faced bitter experiences and they were reportedly deported to India.

According to media reports, these 21 students did not have valid documents and allegedly enrolled in universities that are not authorized. These students were held by the USA immigration officials at San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta airports.

And outrageously the immigration officials seized phones and laptops from the students. Even more shockingly the students were placed in congested rooms and were warned that they would face severe consequences if they retaliated.

The students argue that they had all valid documents and got admission in universities located in St. Louis and Dakota. Without citing a proper explanation, the immigration officials deported them to India, is what the students have to say in this regard. This action from the immigration officials shutdown all the options of students because of a norm i.e, once a student is deported, they are banned to fly to the United States for the next five years.