Rajamouli And Rama: Fit and Fab on the Hill

SS Rajamouli is presently in Norway for the screening of the Prabhas-led blockbuster “Baahubali.” Amidst this professional commitment, he is savouring quality moments with his family, which he graciously shared through stunning snapshots. The director and his wife, Rama Rajamouli, are seen gracing a picturesque hillside in relaxed attires, radiating happiness and tranquillity.

Their leisurely appearance exudes an air of contentment as they find joy in each other’s company. Rama Rajamouli dons a chic grey t-shirt paired with pants and black sports shoes, while her husband opts for a red t-shirt complemented by black trousers. The couple’s coordinated yet individualistic style is elevated by their choice of accessories: Rama dons a stylish ensemble complete with white shorts, fashionable specs, a hat, and a bag, epitomizing the essence of seasoned travellers.

Together, they present a picture of togetherness and harmony, their fit and well-maintained physiques further reflecting their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. The images encapsulate a heartwarming moment of affection between the two, portraying them as the embodiment of a truly compatible and stunning couple.