Jagan Appoints Another ‘Reddy’ As Advisor?

AP CM YS Jagan’s selection of advisors to the state government is bizarre. Is Jagan taking up the suggestions of advisors and is Jagan giving the advisors an opportunity to make key recommendations? These things are internal matters of the state government but to the outside world it is difficult to find answers for these questions.

Every department in the government would be having an advisor and never ever we heard of Jagan consulting the advisors for any key decisions that are to be made. Post becoming CM, Jagan appointed a bunch of advisors and over the time a few resigned too. Among the existing advisors, who many are active in the government is something no one has any clue.

Freshly CM Jagan is likely to appoint one more advisor and he is former APNGO President Chandrasekhar Reddy. On the terms of services for government employees, the Jagan sarkar is going to appoint Chandrasekhar Reddy as its advisor. But the big question is what kind of recommendations will Chandrasekhar Reddy come up with and how will the Jagan led YCP government look into them?

Bureaucrats already play an essential role in providing and addressing the concerns of government employees. And then we have the employees unions and wherever there are concerns these unions do talk with bureaucrats and resolve them. If the concerns of employees are beyond, there are department level higher officials and if there are any legal aspects, an advocate general on behalf of the government is the main lead.

With bureaucrats, higher officials and advocate general on hand to address employees’ issues, what kind role would the new advisor play? Irrespective of this, there is an opinion that a majority of the appointed advisors are absolutely a waste of time and money.

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