AP Govt Instructs Public Not To Use ACs & Geysers

A few days back Andhra Pradesh witnessed a huge power outage especially in government hospitals. The AP government reacted quickly and added that it is a technical issue and they are supplying electricity as per the demand.

But the electricity distribution companies led by the AP government have issued fresh instructions to the public not to use air-conditions and geysers which consume a lot of electricity. These instructions were served in the wake of a short supply of electricity in the state.

Currently the demand for electricity stands at 2.4 Lakh million units while the supply is not even close to two lakh million units. Through solar energy, 600 megawatts is being produced but at the current demand, even this is insufficient while Hydal and Gas based electricity manufacturing is completely halted.

With a short supply of electricity, the distribution companies are unable to provide power for farming during the day time while for industries power holidays were declared a few days back.

Apparently this is a lack of foresight by the AP government. In view of summer, many state governments make an agreement with power distribution companies well in advance and in last October many states inked a deal too. But the AP government overlooked the demand for electricity.

Now the AP government is ready to buy electricity at Rs 12 per unit but power distribution companies have already made deals with multiple states and so they are unable to supply to the state.

The electricity department sources confirm that if the demand grows, there would be huge interruptions in the coming days. On one hand temperatures are soaring and heat-waves are rattling the people and this news of power shortage is really bad news to hear.