Watch: Pawan’s Political Video Giving Goosebumps To Movie Fans

Pawan Kalyan’s Ippatam visit to inspect the demolished houses triggered tension in the atmosphere around. The police stopped Pawan Kalyan’s convoy and that did not stop the Janasena chief as he got on his foot from there.

While the walk of Pawan Kalyan to reach Ippatam thrilled his political admirers, his speech further gave them goosebumps. Well, there are Pawan Kalyan’s fans who like him more in the movies and are not very concerned about his political journey. Today, Pawan Kalyan’s Ippatam feat left these movie fans excited to the core.


A particular video has given them the much-needed goosebumps, multiple times more than any introduction scene in his movies. A drone shot with Pawan Kalyan sitting on the rooftop of his car and a large number of two-wheelers and cars following him is going super viral on social media. The movie fans and political followers of Pawan are excited about this video and proudly sharing it on their respective timelines.

Meanwhile, there are folks who expressed concern and objection to his travel on top of the car. They questioned why he was allowed to do that when police talk about many road rules. Even the two-wheelers driving along were triple riding and had no helmets.