Pics: For A Change, Chandrababu Goes To Pawan Kalyan’s House

As TDP and JSP are set for a joint election campaign in Andhra Pradesh, the party chiefs Chandra Babu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan are meeting increasingly frequently. But all the while, Pawan Kalyan was the one who was going to Chandra Babu’s house be it in Mangalagiri or Hyderabad. But for a change, Chandra Babu has called on Pawan Kalyan.

Chandra Babu went to Pawan Kalyan’s house in Hyderabad just a short while back and had a meeting with the JSP supremo. They expectedly discussed about the joint plan of action for the coming elections.

Both Babu and Pawan were in good spirits as they were seen smiling while posing to the camera. They are said to have discussed the joint manifesto for TDP- JSP alliance along with the poll strategies. This meeting comes right before TDP is gearing up for Yuvagalam closing ceremony in Vizag which is being planned on a huge scale. Pawan is unable to attend this event as he has other events planned on same day, 20th December.