Covid Cases Show Steady Rise In Children Below 10 Yrs

The growing apprehensions on the third wave are directly proportional to the reported COVID-19 cases among children since March this year. As per Empowered Group-1 that deals with our medical infrastructure and COVID management plan, said in its data that there is a noticeable steady increase in coronavirus cases in children below 10 years.

The increase of COVID-19 has gone up steadily from 2.80 per cent in March this year to 7.04 per cent in August. To put it simply, around seven children out of every 100 active COVID cases are infected. However, the marginal shift towards children can’t be termed “dramatic” yet.

Moreover, there is a reduction in vulnerability of adults to the virus which could be one of the factors behind the surge in COVID cases in the 1-10 years age group. From June 2020 to Feb 2021, the share of children aged 1-10 years was in the range of 2.72 per cent to 3.59 per cent in the total active caseload.

The data is available for 18 states and Union Territories and it shows COVID-19 cases among children were the highest in Mizoram (16.48% of total active cases) and the lowest in Delhi (2.25%). The other states such as Kerala (8.62%), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (8.2%), Sikkim (8.02%), Dadra and Nagar Haveli (7.69%) and Arunachal Pradesh (7.38%) recorded a higher proportion of COVID-19 children than the national average of 7.04%.