Anasuya Says It Is Happy Fools Day, Not Women’s Day

Of course, since morning we have been seeing lots of messages pouring in from many male celebrities as they are wishing the women in their lives on the eve of International Women’s Day.

However, many women do think that men should wish not just on Women’s Day but every day they should be treating women in the same way.

Putting the same from a different perspective, popular anchor Anasuya mocked many men saying that today some people realize all of a sudden that they have to respect women.

She tweeted, “Oh! Suddenly realised its the day every troller and meme maker suddenly starts respecting women.. of course it expires in 24 hours! So all you women out there! Happy fools day!!”.

And the hot lady who has recently splashed her glamorous side in Khiladi movie knows very well that this tweet will invite loads of criticism. For that she added, “Annnddd!! Thank me later!! You will see all those “gummadikaya dongalu” commenting below my tweet!! Have a good one y’all!!”.

Looks like all the negativity on Twitter in the form of trolling and harassing has taken a huge toll on the glamorous anchor who enjoys a terrific fan following. Anyway, Happy Women’s Day Anasuya!!