The Effect of Canada’s Latest Regulations on Indian Students

The Canadian government has recently declared a substantial reduction, up to 35%, in the intake of international students, impacting Indian students seeking education opportunities in the country. The announcement, made by Immigration Minister Marc Miller, sets a cap of 360,000 undergraduate study permits for 2024, down 35% from the previous year.

The move aims to address concerns regarding the effects of the growing international student population on the housing market and to target institutions involved in unethical practices. Provinces and territories will now receive permits based on their population, potentially leading to significant decreases in regions where the international student population has surged.

This cap will be effective for two years, with a reassessment planned in 2025. The alterations also include a new requirement for international students to provide an attestation letter from a province or territory when applying for a permit. Indian students, who constituted a significant portion of study permit holders in Canada, may face challenges in enrollment, impacting well-qualified individuals, particularly in popular fields of study. Additionally, changes to the post-graduation work permit program further modify eligibility criteria, affecting international students, including Indians, pursuing education in Canada.